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Japanese Food and Drink

  • Fruit Picking in Japan in autumn

    Tokyo Farmers Markets

    While Tokyo is known for its shopping, for those looking for an alternative to the malls and convenience stores, Tokyo offers many farmers markets, selling fresh and local produce. There are... explore more
  • Chopstick Etiquette in Japan

    Japanese Chopstick Etiquette

    Eating food with chopsticks are an essential part of Japanese culture and cuisine. While other utensils are used and available, mastering the use of chopsticks is a key part of eating... explore more
  • Best bars in Osaka

    Best Bars in Osaka

    Warmly dubbed “Japan’s Kitchen”, Osaka is known for the culinary scene and booming nightlife. With all the delicious, innovative and imaginative restaurants and dishes, it is no wonder Osaka has some... explore more
  • Enjoy the best matcha latte in Tokyo

    Best Matcha Latte in Tokyo

    Creamy, frothy, earthy and delicious, matcha lattes are made from matcha (green tea) powder mixed together with milk and sugar. Matcha lattes can be enjoyed any time of day and given... explore more
  • Crispy Tempura in Japan


    While traveling in Japan eating fresh tempura is a must. The concept of tempura emerged in the 16th century in Japan when Portuguese missionaries visited Nagasaki. With them, they brought a... explore more
  • Japanese Yakitori


    Yakitori is a dish made from grilled chicken, however, it is unique in that it is intended to refrain from waste and as such, uses all parts of the chicken. This... explore more
  • Miso Soup from Japan

    Miso Soup

    Arguably one of the most quintessential Japanese foods, miso soup is very traditional, and while it may appear to be a simple soup, it actually requires a great deal of refinement... explore more
  • Sushi in Japan is the best!


    Perhaps the most iconic and globally recognized Japanese food, sushi is a must-eat while traveling in Japan. You may have eaten sushi elsewhere in the world as it is a very... explore more
  • A Japanese Bento Box

    Bento Box

    You have likely heard of the word bento box before, which refers to a single portion meal that is packed for takeaway. In fact, the Japanese concept of bento boxes has... explore more
  • Eating Sashimi in Japan


    Not to be confused with Sushi, Sashimi refers to raw fish or raw meat that is thinly sliced and eaten on its own, oftentimes dipped in soy sauce or ponzu sauce.... explore more