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Japanese Festivals

  • Miyako Odor

    Miyako Odori

    Spring in Japan is notable for a variety of reasons, including the famous cherry blossom season, and in Kyoto, the Miyako Odori is one of the most beautiful celebrations honoring the... explore more
  • Doll Festival- Hina-Matsuri

    Doll Festival- Hina-Matsuri

    Taking place on March 3, annually, the Doll Festival, also referred to Hina-Matsuri is celebrated in Japan. Another holiday is known as “Girls’ Day” also coincides with the Doll Festival, taking... explore more
  • Obon Festival

    Obon Festival

    Japanese Obon Festival also referred to as Bon, is a ceremonial custom which dates back some 500 years – honoring and celebrating the spirits of family members who have passed. The tradition... explore more
  • Ōmisoka Festival

    Omisoka Festival

    Taking place just before the Japanese New Years Festival, Omisoka is a significant and important date, occurring on December 31 annually. The holiday is symbolic and the goal is to prepare... explore more
  • Japanese Floating Lantern Festival - Tōrō Nagashi

    Japanese Floating Lantern Festival - Toro Nagashi

    Literally translating to “lantern” and “cruise/float”, respectively, Toro Nagashi represents the Japanese concepts of floating paper lanterns down a river. Traditionally, this idea of floating paper lanterns symbolized the guiding of... explore more
  • Japanese Tanabata Festival (Star Festival)

    Tanabata Festival - Star Festival

    Taking place in the summer months, the Japanese Tanabata Festival is based on tradition in which people write their wishes onto small colorful pieces of paper, these colorful strips are then... explore more
  • Hanamatsuri

    Hanamatsuri Festival - Buddha’s Birthday

    Traditionally, Hanamatsuri Festival, Buddha’s Birthday is celebrated across East Asia in a variety of different ways. It generally falls in the spring, but depending on where it is celebrated, it can... explore more
  • Hanami Festival in Japan

    Hanami Festival

    Most often referring to cherry blossoms, the Hanami Festival is celebrating the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying flowers. Starting towards the end of March and lasting until the beginning of May,... explore more
  • Japanese New Year

    Japanese New Year (Shōgatsu)

    One of the most important and influential holidays in Japan, the Japanese New Year, known as Shogatsu or Oshogatsu is celebrated across the country. Taking place on January 1, most businesses... explore more