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Best Hotels in Japan

  • Keio Plaza

    Best family hotels in Tokyo

    For those traveling in Japan with a family, it can be difficult to find hotel accommodation that is suitable for small children, or families. Knowing where to look can reduce stress... explore more
  • Kyoto has many Family Friendly Hotels

    Best Family Hotels in Kyoto

    Kyoto is a family-friendly destination in Japan and is perhaps best known for its history seen in the Imperial palaces, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines among the natural beauty of the... explore more
  • New Tokyo Hotel - Pullman

    Most Exciting New Hotels in Tokyo 2019

    With the 2020 Olympics quickly approaching, the hotel landscape of Tokyo is changing and evolving in preparation for many international visitors with many exciting new hotels in Tokyo in 2019. Major... explore more
  • Noku Boutique Hotel Kyoto

    Best Boutique Hotels in Kyoto

    Known for its traditional Japanese culture and rich history, Kyoto boasts beautiful gardens, cherry blossoms, Imperial palaces and Buddhist temples which makes it the perfect place to enjoy a Boutique Hotel... explore more
  • 9 Hours Capsule Hotel

    Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

    Capsule Hotels originated in Japan and have gained popularity around the world as an affordable option predominately for solo travelers, but is enjoyable for a variety of tourists. Capsule hotels in... explore more
  • Trunk Hotel

    Best Boutique Hotels in Tokyo

    Finding the best boutique hotel in Tokyo is no easy task. Boutique Hotels in Tokyo offer a unique and contemporary experience which steps away from large chain hotels and standardized rooms.... explore more